Fishing spots

Posted on Fri April 19, 2024.

The Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa is a paradise for anglers, offering fantastic fishing spots for both experienced fishermen and beginners alike. Some of the best spots along the Garden Route include Mossel Bay, Knysna, Victoria Bay, and Wilderness.

Mossel Bay boasts numerous well-known fishing spots stretching from the point through to Hartenbos. Near the point, spinning for Bonito and Elf is recommended, while towards Hartenbos, targeting Kob and Elf is best. Popular baits in the area include pilchards, squid, and octopus.

Closer to George, you'll find spots like Victoria Bay and Wilderness. The pier at Victoria Bay is a favorite among both young anglers and seasoned fishermen, offering opportunities to catch Elf, Kob, and occasionally even a Musselcracker. For those seeking a good workout, Wilderness is the place to be, where Bronze Whalers provide thrilling fishing experiences.

Inland lakes and rivers are also popular among anglers, with destinations like the Knysna estuary, Island Lake, Swartvlei, and Touw River offering opportunities to target Grunter, Leervis, Steenbras, Kob, and Mullet.

The best fishing times are at dawn or sunset, and it's essential to remember to bring along your fishing license. Water safety is paramount, and it's crucial to have emergency numbers on hand in case they are needed.