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About us

Our story, our founders and what we stand for.

Collin and Esther were running a guesthouse in Pretoria but the beauty of George called their names. They packed up and sold everything in Pretoria and made their move to George. The aim was to do some potential business and manage their Silverspray beach accommodation in Victoria Bay, but never did they think that they would be back in the guest house business. 

One afternoon Esther was visiting a friend who owns a guesthouse in George. Esther was so surprised that in the middle of winter, her friend had to refer clients because she was fully booked. Esther arrived home and immediately told Collin about the potential opportunity of opening a guest house in George. And before you know it, they started Acorn Guest house in 2001. Ever since then they have expanded to 17onWellington (self-catering flats), Mazeppa Sunrise beach accommodation and Mossel Bay Ocean View accommodation.

Since Esther loves decorating, she started creating and collecting the things for the guest house. The heart of the guest house was to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Therefore, Esther thought it fit to refurbish Victorian antiques . And so, Esther and Collin went around looking for these beautiful decor items which give character to their accommodations. 

Furthermore, community outreach and upliftment is a big part of what Collin and Esther stand for. They do this through giving work opportunities for local people and supporting local causes, like Local Motion

For more information about our sustainability projects and local charity that we support, please read the below pages, or on arrival ask our wonderful staff more about it.



REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE, RECOVER. The 4 R’s are not only our motto, it’s our way of life. We try our best to take care of our environment, in all aspects of life.

We all have to respect our environment and be conscious of our actions in it and our interactions with it. Please send us your ideas on how we can contribute towards keeping our planet healthy.



Your choice to book directly with us at Mazeppa Sunrise Beach Accommodation goes beyond a stay; it's a direct contribution to a meaningful cause. By booking with us, you're supporting Local Motion, a charity committed to empowering and uplifting youth in our community. Your reservation is more than just a stay—it's an investment in the future of these young individuals. Thank you for choosing us and being a part of this impactful journey!